PS3 Jailbreak (CFW) 4.84 - Download PlayStation 4.84 Jailbreak (USB)

PS3 Jailbreak 4.84
PlayStation 3 Jailbreak 4.84 has been published publicly. If you want to jailbreak your PS3 gaming console then read carefully this article. Two types of jailbreak are available in the market such as PS3 Jailbreak OFW to CFW and HAN jailbreak. In this article, I am gonna show you how to install Custom Firmware on your PS3 console. This method only works on only some PS3 consoles. Make sure your PS3 model is compatible for jailbreaking.

PS3 has 3 models such as Fat, slim, and super slim. And the s
lim model has 2xxx and 3xxx model series. You need to make sure your console is compatible with the jailbreak installer. If not then go to another article called PS3 HEN Jailbreak 4.86. Read this article carefully and don't do any mistakes. Follow all steps and don't skip any step.

First of all please check your PS3 firmware version. If it's not 4.84 then update your PS3 firmware via USB. You may have a look at PS3 jailbreak 4.82. PS3 jailbreak 4.82 is very easy according to the 4.84 jailbreaks. Once you Jailbreak your PS3 console on 4.82 then do need to follow this article. Just install and enjoy PS3 CFW on your PS3 console.

PS3 Jailbreak 4.84 CFW Benefits:-

  • Clear all bugs
  • 100% Legal
  • Install 3rd party application
  • Support PKG files (USB/External HDD)
  • Multi-man backup manager
  • Improve console speed
  • Access Online Games
  • Use PSN after Jailbreak
  • Share game direct in PS3 HDD
  • Play game form direct PS3 HDD
  • Improve software performance
  • Applications work by the optical drive

What you need for Jailbreaking 4.81 Console:-

  • Compatible PlayStation 3 gaming console
  • A Fat32 USB Stick
  • A PC 
  • Good internet connection

PS3 Jailbreak 4.84 CFW Installer:-

  1. Download jailbreak and other required files
  2. Extract files in a folder on your PC
  3. Create "PS3" root folder into your USB drive
  4. Create "UPDATE" folder inside PS3 folder 
  5. Rename MinVerPup checker file to PS3UDPAT.PUP
  6. Mode PS3UDPAT.PUP into the UPDATE folder.
  7. Go to PS3>Update
  8. Update it via mass storage.
  9. Check the compatibility list and make sure your console is NOR/NAND.
  10. Plug your USB on your computer
  11. Replace the MinVer Checker file with HFW.
  12. PS3 install HFW on your PS3 console. (in case of error, use safe mode to install).
  13. Go to MiniWeb>htdocs
  14. Delete upload, uploaded, and index file.
  15. Go to NOR/NAND IDPS dumper.
  16. Paste all files under MiniWeb>htdocs folder.
  17. Run MiniWeb as an administrator.
  18. Connect PS3 with the internet.
  19. Go to the web browser
  20. Clear cache, cookies, and authentication.
  21. Press tringle then go to File>Tools Set Blank homepage.
  22. Restart your web browser 
  23. Press start to put your MiniWeb IP address.
  24. Plug USB on your PS3 second port.
  25. Click on index_nor.html.
  26. Click on initialize exploitation. (try again and again until success)
  27. Click on Dump 16Mb NOR Flash to a USB device.
  28. Copy dump.hex file and save it on your computer.
  29. Run MD5 Checker.
  30. Open flash.hex file from the NOR/NAND writer folder.
  31. Double click on the hex file. 
  32. Paste this code “AB2B3A2E23FA731301260F5702FC4101” on second tab. 
  33. If both code the same. It’s mean you have the correct flash.hex file.
  34. Copy/Paste flash.hex file on your USB drive root folder.
  35. Go to MiniWeb>htdocs.
  36. Delete our all last time pasted file.
  37. Copy/Paste all NOR/NAND writer file into MiniWeb>htdocs folder.
  38. Open your web browser on PS3.(make sure USB drive plugged in 2nd port)
  39. Select index_nor.html. (page title should be PS3 NOR Flasher)
  40. Click on initialize exploitation.
  41. After the success, message click on patch NOR Flash memory.
  42. Once you got a successful message. Repeat dumper steps again to dump patched dump.hex file again.
  43. Copy/Paste the patched dump.hex file into the PyPS3 Master Tool folder.
  44. Drag/Drop patched dump.hex file on drag&drop_your_dump_here.bat file.
  45. The number of dangers or warnings should be 0.
  46. Install CFW on your PlayStation 3 gaming console.
  47. Delete previous files from USB.
  48. Copy/Paste PS3 CFW firmware on UBS PS3>UPDATE Folder.
  49. Now go to update
  50. Select Update via storage media.

Summary:- I hope friends you clearly understand this article and jailbreak your PS3 console without any problem. If you have any questions regarding this, please leave a comment and you also can contact us on Facebook.

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