PS3 Hybrid firmware 4.85.1 - Download PlayStation HFW and Install

PS3 Hybrid Firmware 4.85.1

The PS3 Hybrid firmware 4.85.1 was released a day after Sony released the 4.85. If you have a PS3 console model you have FAT, Slim, or Super slim, it does not matter, hybrid firmware can work on all consoles. In other language, it is a beta edition in which a lot of work is yet to be complete. PS3Xploit, Downgrade, patch activity everything works on this firmware.

If your PS3 console is already jailbroken then you no need to follow this article. You also can play online games on PS3 4.84 firmware by using the PS3 proxy server. Hybrid 4.85.1 firmware and PSN requires the latest firmware to login.

What you will need

  • PlayStation 3 gaming console
  • USB or External Hard Drive 
  • Desktop or Laptop

Install 4.85.1 Hybrid Firmware

  1. Download PS3 hybrid firmware 4.85.1.
  2. Unzip it by using 7zip in a folder.
  3. Change HFW 4.85.1 PS3UPDAT.PUP file name to PS3UPDAT.PUP
  4. Set your USB format to FAT32 because PS3 supports only the FAT32 format.
  5. Create a new folder in your USB PS3>UDPATE
  6. Move PS3UPDAT.PUP file to UBS in the UPDATE folder.
  7. Eject USB from your PC and Plug it on your PS3(use second port)
  8. Go to the setting tab and update via storage media.
  9. Follow all introduction.
  10. That's it.
Summary:- I am happy to share this information with you and I hope you got all about PS3 hybrid firmware 4.85.1. If you need my help then just leave a comment with your problem. Like my page of Facebook, Follow me on Instagram.

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  1. whats the password tho it wont let me finish without the zip file pasword