PS3 Jailbreak 4.81 CFW - PlayStation 3 4.81 Jailbreak

ps3 jailbreak 4.81

Many people are looking for an easy process for PS3 jailbreak 4.81 firmware. Here I can show you how to jailbreak PS3 4.81 firmware. Our team providing you the complete steps on jailbreak 4.81 version OFW to CFW without any trouble. After this PS3 jailbreak, users can easily install any 3rd-party apps or all other software. There are many myths on PS3 jailbreaks, like some people say PS3 jailbreak does void the warranty. It is totally wrong information. If you want back the PlayStation 3 warranty then users just need to do update their PS3 software with official firmware.

The PS3 jailbreak is a process after that the gaming console starts up and ready to work on full access. Users can get full control of the hidden commands and features. If you want to jailbreak your gaming console with software 4.81 then you need to update your software version to the OFW 4.81 edition. Users can only do this if their console has a 4.80 or lower PS3 software. If you are already on the latest version of PS3 software, then you can not jailbreak your console with this article. Don't worry just check out our latest article on the latest firmware.

PS3 Jailbreak 4.81 Benefits

  • It's 100% Legal
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Supports all kind of formats like ISO and PKG files
  • Fix all bugs
  • Improve console performance
  • Speed up your console
  • Use extra application
  • Game work by the optical drive
  • Just plug and install very simple
  • You can log in on PlayStation Network after Jailbreak
  • Play game from the optical drive
  • Play multiplayer online games after jailbreak

Install process of PS3 jailbreak 4.81 Custom Firmware

The installation process is very easy, just follow these steps. follow all steps very carefully.
  1. Download all files for PS3 jailbreak 4.81(Download Files).
  2. Extract all the files on the PC.
  3. Plugin USB drive on PC and change its format to FAT32.
  4. Create a folder in the pen drive and name as “PS3”.
  5. Inside the PS3 folder create one more folder and name it “UPDATE”.
  6. Copy all files and paste them into the “UPDATE” folder.
  7. Rename the firmware update file as “PS3UPDAT.PUP”.
  8. Plugin the USB drive into the PS3 console.
  9. Now Go to Setting > System Settings > Network Setting
  10. Disable the internet if connected.
  11. Go to Settings > System update > Update via Storage Media.
  12. Accept the User agreement
  13. Wait for a few minutes to complete the update.
  14. The console is now jailbroken.
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